How to register an AppImage as a desktop application in Linux

The Scenario:
You have an .AppImage file and would like to treat it like an installed Linux app.

The solution:
Create a custom .desktop file

For this article, I'll use the following constraints:

  • Register the Electron.js app Marktext on an Ubuntu 20.04 distro
  • Use this icon from

Let's do it.

NOTE: You might have to use sudo commands to access files in the /bin and /use directories
  1. Download the .AppImage file and an icon you would like to register it with
  2. Move the .AppImage file to the path /bin,
    e.g. sudo mv ~/Downloads/Marktext.AppImage /bin/
  3. Make it executable with sudo chmod +x /bin/Marktext.AppImage
  4. Save the icon under /use/share/icons/custom/markdown.png
    e.g. sudo mkdir --parents /use/share/icons/custom && sudo mv ~/Downloads/markdown.png /use/share/icons/custom/
  5. Create a .desktop file under ~/.local/share/applications/marktext.desktop
  6. Paste the following content into it:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Mark Text
Comment=Next generation markdown editor
Exec=/bin/marktext-x86_64.AppImage        # replace with your .AppImage
Icon=/usr/share/icons/custom/markdown.png # replace with your icon
Keywords=marktext;markdown;               # add searchable keywords

That should do it. Try pressing the Super key now and search for the app.

Hitting enter should then startup your application.